Black Culture Matters: Why It's Time to Stop Pretending Racism is the Problem

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Each year, African Americans perform worse academically than every other cultural group in the United States. And, each year, African American men and women commit more violent crimes on a per capita basis than everyone else. Why does this troubling “race problem” persist more than a half-century after the victories of the Civil Rights era? According to prominent liberal voices in the media and academia, "white supremacy" is responsible for group differences in performance and achievement. But in this explosive book, former federal prosecutor Nick Pilgrim proves that, ever since the Civil Rights revolution transformed our nation, culture—not racism—has been the most influential force shaping the destiny of black people in the United States. As Pilgrim persuasively demonstrates, the most significant problems afflicting the black community today, such as mass incarceration and mass illegitimacy (which sees 3 out of 4 black children born to unmarried mothers each year), are not caused by white supremacy. Instead, they are the inevitable outcome of poor lifestyle choices. But because it is easier to scapegoat others than to face hard truths, many black leaders and “race scholars” have turned a blind eye to this fact. Black Culture Matters calls out these failed leaders and makes clear that to achieve parity with other groups African Americans will have to finally confront cultural shortcomings that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X acknowledged over 60 years ago. Thought-provoking and insightful, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to know why racial inequality continues to cast a shadow over our nation and what can be done to overcome this chronic problem.

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