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When light is gone, I will understand. With four parts of the root of magic in our grasp, I should feel like the worst is behind us. Yet the journey to the fifth piece is fraught with dangerous magical creatures. And I can only give the lethal immortals half of my attention. Grubby is changing and I have no idea what to make of him. Now, another of my fathers has isolated himself for reasons unknown. Meanwhile, things between Caspian and I are taking a heart-pounding turn, and the decision to trust Jagger isn’t proving as straightforward as expected. In fact, it’s hurting my damn skull. But when the sun sets on the worst day of my life, I may understand more of this dark, age-old evil. I may grasp what I stand to lose. I may discover with whom my heart resides. . . . And I can only hope that knowledge doesn’t come too late. . . . Join this crew of mostly honest pirates who have mostly honorable intentions. Meet gossiping immortals with terrible hair! A story with layers and a large twist of humor, set sail into this exciting new tale by USA Today Bestselling author, Kelly St Clare, today. Reading order: Immortal Plunder Stolen Princess Pillars of Six Dynami's Wrath Veritas

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