EDrenaline Rush: Game-changing Student Engagement Inspired by Theme Parks, Mud Runs, and Escape Rooms

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What if going to school captured the thrills and excitement of a theme park?  Just imagine what your classroom could be like if the activities inside elicited the same sense of fun and exhilaration as a roller coaster! How much more engaged would your students be if your curriculum were filled with the same mystery and mastery they found in an escape room full of puzzles and surprising twists? School should be fun! In EDrenaline Rush, John Meehan pulls back the curtain on what it takes to create thrilling learning experiences in your classroom. Packed with lesson planning tips, instructional design ideas, and plug-and-play teaching resources, EDrenaline Rush will challenge you to think differently and equip you to push your pedagogy to incredible limits. EDrenaline Rush offers a pulse-pounding collection of strategies to help transform your classroom into a hive of student exploration where students of any age will genuinely look forward to tackling whatever obstacle might lie ahead. Motivation shifts from grade chasing to authentic curiosity. Kids come to class excited to learn new content. And teachers rediscover daily the joy that makes us love our jobs. Create classrooms where students willingly step outside of their comfort zones and boldly dare to attempt the impossible. "Packed with practical tips and great writing that will have you coming back for more of his dynamic, rigorous approach to classroom teaching." -- Alexis Wiggins, teacher and author of The Best Class You Never Taught "This is a must-buy and should be a must-implement for anyone who wants to create positive change in their schools." -- Michael Matera, teacher and author of eXPlore Like a Pirate "More than any other teacher I know, John Meehan embodies the idea of the teacher as a transformational figure. He is dedicated to making the classroom a place where students' natural curiosity and love of learning can come alive. We're all so lucky he has slowed down enough to put his ideas between covers. Actually, if I'd had a mentor like John (and a book like this) when I was teaching, I might never have quit." -- Greg Toppo, senior editor at Inside Higher Ed, author of The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter "Every classroom can be filled with 'student-centered edrenaline,' and after reading EDrenaline Rush you will be motivated to make it happen." -- Scott Rocco, EdD, Hamilton Township (NJ) School District Superintendent and co-author of 140 Twitter Tips for Educators and Hacking Google for Education "EDrenaline Rush is the ultimate surprise and delight! Meehan's enthusiasm is infectious, and if we could bottle John's energy and determination to eradicate boring learning, I have no doubt we could change the game of education everywhere!" -- Monica Cornetti, CEO of Sententia Gamification, GamiCon Gamemaster "A lot of people like to talk about ways to get more students engaged in deep learning, but few are willing to offer specific examples of how to make that happen. What Meehan has done in his brilliant book, EDrenaline Rush, is put a treasure trove of gamified course materials out there for all to see. He is not hiding his pedagogy and approach as if it were some kind of secret sauce--he is willing to put it all out there so others can use, critique, or remix it as they see fit." -- Ben Owens, former STEM Teacher, Open Way Learning consultant, and author of Open Up, Education! "From beginning to end, EDrenaline Rush provides exactly as the title suggests. You will come away energized, inspired, and with a rush of EDrenaline that will launch you into your own epic adventure! This book is for everyone and is one that you will refer to repeatedly for ideas and inspiration. A must-read!" --Tisha Richmond, tech integrations specialist, author of Make Learning Magical Change the Game in Your Classroom!

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