Foodi Multi-Cooker Cookbook 2019 for Beginners: Easy and Delicious Foodi Multi-Cooker Recipes to Pressure Cooking - Slow Cook - Air Fry - Dehydrate, and More

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The Only Foodi Multi-Cooker Cookbook You'll Ever Need! Up until the point when the Foodi Multi-Cooker was unveiled to the world, the Instant Pot was considered the reigning king of the multi-cooker marketplace. But in the year 2018, N……. introduced their own take on the multi-cooker formula in the form of Foodi Multi-Cooker and it took the world by storm thanks to its unique design and plethora of features. The main attraction of the show was the "Tendercrisp" technology that combined the features of a seemingly regular Instant Pot with the features of an Air Fryer! Sounds crazy right? But they actually did it, and the results are, needless to say, astonishing! The versatility of the appliance also means that using the Foodi Multi-Cooker, you will be able to craft all your dishes from mains and desserts to yogurt and even baked goods! What’s even more fascinating is the combined power of pressure cooking and the Air Fryer which will enable you to prepare your meals 70% faster and with 75% less fat when compared to other traditional means of cooking. This amazing appliance acts as an all-in-one powerhouse that allows you to Air Fry, Pressure Cook, Steam, Sauté, and more just using a single kitchen appliance. This is truly a magnificent work of culinary art. The Foodi Multi-Cooker also comes with an amazingly designed “Crisping Lid” that allows the Foodi Multi-Cooker to seamlessly blend Air Frying with traditional pressure cooking. A dedicated pot known as the Crisping Basket is provided with the Foodi Multi-Cooker alongside a dedicated feature labeled “Air Crisp”. This book - Foodi Multi-Cooker Cookbook 2019 for Beginners: Easy and Delicious Foodi Multi-Cooker Recipes to Pressure Cooking - Slow Cook - Air Fry - Dehydrate, and More - has been very carefully designed to cater to even absolute beginners, and therefore, the initial chapters are dedicated to teaching you the basics of the Foodi Multi-Cooker. The latter chapters, however, are packed to the brim with amazing and easy to make, hearty recipes that will keep you coming back for more. Welcome to your Foodi Multi-Cooker adventure! The ultimate beginner’s guide for using this one-of-a-kind appliance, the Foodi Complete Cookbook for Beginners includes: What is the Foodi Multi-Cooker? Understanding the TenderCrisp technology The Functional Buttons of the Foodi Multi-Cooker The Different Parts of the Multi-Cooker Foodie The Difference Between the Foodi Multi-Cooker and Instant Pot Positive and Negative Facts About Instant Pot Positive and Negative Facts about the Foodi Multi-Cooker Making the Right Decision Using the Foodi Multi-Cooker Keeping the Foodi Multi-Cooker Clean What to Expect Upon Arrival and Pricing Benefits of the Foodi Multi-Cooker Tips and Tricks for Success General Foodi Multi-Cooker FAQ’s You'll discover lots of tips, step-by-step guide for beginners and consist of fresh and foolproof 100 delicious recipes under various chapters such as: Breakfasts Beef & Lamb Chicken and Poultry Pork Seafood and Fish Vegetarian and Vegan Pasta and Soup Side Dish Dessert Snack Just Click Add To Cart!

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