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  • ISBN: B4 Dawn Publishing (May 14, 2019)
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Spence Rodgers Being bodyguarded by a gorgeous, enormous, slightly terrifying police officer might sound like fun and games, but there is a real live serial killer running around targeting blond haired, blue eyed boys… and I happen to be blond haired and blue eyed and a boy. With me not having a big strong mate of my own, my brother has pawned me off on the unflappable Mitch Arborrow. Like seriously, I can't flap him. But I sure love to try. Mitch Arborrow The beautiful bartender that I've been trying to figure out for a while now and failing completely is suddenly in my care and I honestly don't even know exactly how that happened, but now I've got to figure what to do with him… besides all the things I'm tempted to do with him. He needs me to keep him safe, but my beast keeps pushing me for more. I can't afford to be distracted while there is a serial killer on Terra Mortis, but the idea that his protection be left to anyone else makes my beast and me agitated enough to want to scoop him up and run. I'm going to have to figure it out, because the bodies keep piling up. Warning: Mpreg elements! (Though the MCs in this book aren't and cannot get pregnant, this is a spin-off series from my Chosen series. Occasional Mpreg characters might have cameos. You've been warned!) Also, my books have little to no angst, and lots and lots of fluff! They are better read in order, because I kind of write them like a continuation of a story, and I don't like to repeat explanations over and over if I can help it. No cheating, because that makes my heart hurt, and I try to avoid things that make me sad like I SHOULD be avoiding carbs. Sorry, I just don't want anyone being disappointed if they like the angst filled heart-rippers. These read more like a romantic comedy than a romantic drama. Enjoy!! ::blowing you kisses::

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