LEARN SPANISH: Murder Mystery, Thriller, and Detective Short Stories for Beginners and Intermediates (Spanish Edition)

  • Publication Date: Thu Jun 06 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: Albright Publishing (June 6, 2019)
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  • total Page: 147 pages
ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A MORE EXCITING WAY TO LEARN SPANISH? ARE YOU BORED TO DEATH OF THE SAME OLD STUDY ROUTINE? WANT TO MAKE LEARNING SPANISH SO FUN IT’S ADDICTIVE? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then keep reading… Studies show that the number one cause of why people quit learning a new language is… Yes, you guessed it! BORDOM. Language students typically give the same reasons for why they quit: “I just don’t feel excited about it anymore.” “I’m bored to death of the same old routine.” “My textbooks are painfully boring!” Out of all the obstacles they face, boredom is the language learning killer. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple. Read the next line carefully and try to picture the scenario in your mind. What emotions do you feel when you read it?... “The housemaid's scream is as sharp as the shards of Venetian glass surrounding the corpse.” -Spy My Shadow by Elspeth Antonelli If I asked you, “Who screamed?”, “Why did she scream?”, and “What surrounded the corpse?” I bet you could tell me in a heartbeat. But why so easy? It’s because it’s so damn intriguing. Emotions like suspense, intrigue, and excitement intensify your concentration, help you remember and retain what you learn, and most important, help you maintain consistency and interest in your language studies. This book will help you do just that! Included in this book: • 12 original murder mystery, thriller, and detective short stories in Spanish • Exciting stories short enough to read in one sitting • A multiple question, comprehension quiz after each story with the answer sheet included. • Summaries of each story in Spanish and English. • A Spanish and English vocabulary word list after each story • Standard Castilian Spanish in every story • An exciting plot and mystery in each original storyline And no need to worry! This book is written with beginner to intermediate Spanish vocabulary. It’s specifically written for beginners and intermediate students in mind, and is perfect for any Spanish learner who’s familiar with the basics.   If you’re looking for an exciting, thrilling, and captivating short story book to learn Spanish in a fun and easy way, this is it! Don’t wait another minute! Grab your copy of this book TODAY! Scroll to the top of the page and click the ‘buy button’ NOW! *BONUS* Order the paperback and get the digital version for FREE! *EXTRA BONUS* Included with this book is a link to a FREE copy of our new book “22 Deadly Language Learning Sins: That kill Progress and Waste Your Time and How to Avoid Them”

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