Man VS Dog: 7 Quick And Easy Steps To Train Your Dog

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Is it possible to train your dog in just 7 easy steps? Yes, it’s most definitely possible, and easier than you might think. You might have been searching the internet for clues on how to train your dog, maybe you’ve even watched a few Youtube videos by professional dog trainers and you’ve tried to replicate the same steps, but haven’t quite had the success you’ve wanted. If this applies to you, then this book will certainly come in handy for both you and your faithful companion. Every dog deserves a good owner, but a good owner also deserves a well behaved dog. Destroying furniture, eating your slippers, peeing on carpets, constant barking. We know it all, and have been through it all. That is why this book is here to help you in the best and shortest possible way by offering you 7 easy steps that are guaranteed to stop a dog from behaving badly immediately. Your dog should be listening to you and paying attention, not the other way around. Many owners do the mistake of being too hard on their dog, or more commonly, being too nice to their dog which inevitably leads to a spoiled and misbehaving dog. This book aims to show you ways in which you might be repeating this behavior and correcting that, but also teaching you a way to “speak dog”, and getting the full attention from your dog that you need in order to be able to train them and put them on their best behavior to impress friends, neighbors and other dog owners, but more importantly to finally bring that peace in the relationship between you and man’s best friend. So, say goodbye to spending hundreds of dollars on toys that don’t work, buying new slippers every week and coming back to chewed out chair legs, and start learning these 7 easy steps to a happy dog and an even happier owner!

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