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Don't miss - A never-before-released novella Whispered Promises completes the River Town series box set. Three novels and one novella tell the story of the men of the small Mississippi River town Coldbrook Bend, Minnesota. All of the books are individual romance stories with the lives of the characters intertwining throughout the books. Each book has a guaranteed happy ending. Private Hearts - Both Dak and Brody are vulnerable when they get together to celebrate Dak's last night in town before he joins the riverboat for another month away. The usual pizza, beer, and movies lead to an unexpected kiss, and their lives are changed. They have a glimpse into what could be, but Dak's ties to the river and a mystery involving Brody's family threaten to intervene. Will they find a way to set their private hearts free? Silent Wishes - Alan woke up next to an impossibly handsome man with the sound of gunshots ringing in his ears, but the circumstances dictated they'd never see each other again until fate intervened. Alan is determined not to lose Diego a second time, but unfortunately, fearful neighbors in an economically-challenged small town aim to stand in their way. Can love overcome hatred, threats, and violence in this sleepy river town? Hidden Dreams - Puck doesn't think he can handle any more bad news. He's a widower with a baby just eight weeks old. His wife Miranda died suddenly and unexpectedly only twelve hours after Addie's birth. With the world turning dark, and the future looking grim, hope reappears when a handsome blonde, blue-eyed man named Ross brings a grocery store disaster to a halt with a ring of shiny keys. Whispered Promises - With the threat of Brody's hardware store closing, Lewis vows to atone for all of the past havoc he's wreaked in Coldbrook Bend. Saving the store could be his ultimate apology, and falling in love with Sid the ultimate reward.

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