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  • Language: English
  • ISBN: Super Kids Books Publishing (April 24, 2019)
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"Tonight, we will go to war!" Screamed a very angry King Dill-icious. “We be 3000 strong! Take up your pickle pistols! Raise your ketchup guns! Arm the condiment cannons! THIS IS WAR!!! We will have our revenge!” The army of young pickles chanted, “Boil them and eat them! Fry them and try them!” It was scary. "What are they so upset about?" Find out inside this incredible book, that was created by 45 fifth graders during a Super Kids Book Writing WORKSHOP. Yes! You read that right... ONE WORKSHOP. Inside this Super Kids Book, you'll meet three best friends: a Lisping Llama, a Squeaky Ostrich and a Stinky-Stuttering Horse who flee for their lives from an army of angry pickles. WARNING: It gets a little crazy.

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