The Initiation: A High School Light Bully Romance (Beverly Hills Prep Academy Book 1)

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  • Language: English
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Beverly Hills Prep Academy is one of the top prep schools in the country: it will open all kind of doors for new transfer student Ayla, especially her dream college, Yale. And Ayla needs a win after she got her heart broken by her former bestie who kissed her only to break her heart. The school for the rich and famous is ruled by the A-Class: the smartest and brightest students at BHPA. The A-Class is ruled by the A-Team: three hot guys all by the name of Alex. Alex Richmond is the A-Team leader and he rules BHPA with an iron first. What happens when he feels rejected by Ayla? Things get dangerously complicated when his A-Team brothers show interest in the new girl. Ayla feels attracted and repulsed at the same time by the three alpha males and a dangerous game of love, hate and betrayal begins. Trouble is: who knows all the rules? Who’ll get hurt in the process? Add an ex nerd turned hottie who would do anything to be initiated into the A-Team, a jealous and vengeful ex girlfriend and cheerleader captain and all the pressure of a really tough school and this promises to be a hell of a year for Ayla. This is a high school, LIGHT bully romance: possible trigger warnings are mild gang violence, underage (21) drinking and drug misuse.

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