The Only Way Is West: A Once In a Lifetime Adventure Walking 500 Miles On Spain's Camino de Santiago

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'An inspiring, touching, heartfelt and funny memoir that made me howl with laughter throughout. A wonderful read.' - Kevin Hand, BBC. You’re in Greece and are given a €20 note with an email address scribbled on it. What would you do: 1. Spend it?  2. Slip the suspect counterfeit bill into an enemy’s birthday card? 3. Send an email, hoping it will lead to you finding everlasting love?  Brad, a hopeless romantic, chose the latter. Two years later, his love life remains a disaster and his career is misfiring. As he’s about to walk Spain’s fabled Camino de Santiago to ponder some profound life changes, Brad receives a reply. Incredibly, it’s from a woman who lives on the 1000-year-old pilgrim path, far away from where the money first crossed his palm. She invites him to sleep… ‘on her house’.  Hiking nine hundred kilometres on the Road to Santiago to a blind date with the mystery €20 woman, he discovers the utopia of his fantasies, befriends a Hungarian who speaks English in song titles and has his raison d’être revealed to him by a barefoot Mayan mystic. Will he meet his happily-ever-after too?  Buy this pacy, exuberant, laugh-out-loud travelogue laced with tips for fellow pilgrims to find out...

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