The Owner's Secret Client: A Sweet Romantic Suspense (Forbidden Lake Romance Book 3)

  • Publication Date: Mon Apr 22 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: AEJ Creative Works (April 22, 2019)
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  • total Page: 136 pages
He knows it's against the rules to date his au pair...he just doesn't care. Come to the dark side, where the romance is sweet and thrilling. Liam Addler lost his wife to breast cancer three years ago. Left with a seven-year-old daughter and a nanny who quit unexpectedly, he hires a new service to help him find someone to balance his work life with his home life. He's never felt anything for anyone but his late wife...until Serenity Silvers walks in. She's his new au pair. They can't start a relationship, or she could lose her job and he could tarnish his upstanding reputation as the future owner of the largest cherry orchard and resort in the state. But he can't stay away from her. She's kind, loves his daughter, and awakens something he thought died when his wife did. She's dealing with the illness of her mother, as well as moving from overseas to be closer to her before she dies. When Serenity discovers a drug ring right there in Forbidden Lake, she unexpectedly gets mixed up with the ringleader. And when she doesn't come home one night... Liam panics. He's fallen for Serenity, but can he put his daughter in danger? Liam doesn't think his heart can survive another complete break—can Serenity convince him otherwise? This darkly sweet romance from USA Today bestselling author, Elana Johnson, will have you flipping pages until you learn every last, delicious secret. This series is definitely sweet romance at its core, exactly what you expect from Elana. Sweet, dark, delicious romances - kind of like your favorite chocolates. But they're suspense novels too, with a hint of danger in several aspects of the story.... Flirt with danger and read today! Read all the books in this new sweetly dark romance series: 1. The Professor's Secret Crush 2. The Lumberjack's Secret Guest 3. The Owner's Secret Client 4. The Billionaire's Secret Flame 5. The Rock Star's Secret Weakness 6. The Biker's Secret Girlfriend

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